Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh the horrors......

I wake up in a cold sweat, my heart is pounding and I have the feeling of doom, something is wrong, terribly wrong! I cross the hall to the room with my yarn baskets, kniting bags, knitting needles, looms and hooks and there is complete and utter chaos! Yarn everywhere, looms partially wrapped. Oh wait, there's nothing wrong, I was just going thru my baskets trying to figure out a new project .

Yes, I really have that much yarn and the even worse part is, I am a yarn snob. Yes, only gorgeous, soft, silky vibrant European yarns for me. Its a curse, My parents always wondered where I came from, I am certain that I was left on the doorstep of an opera house at birth. I love all things soothing and beautiful. I discovered yarn at 12 and never looked back. My grandmother taught me to crochet. Actually she was trying to teach my older sister to crochet. After begging incessently, she finally gave me a hook and some yarn. I watched her teach my sister to make a granny square. I have loved needlearts ever since. I can't tell you how many times I have been immobilized from tendonitis. After years of this, I have it figured out how to deal with it. I will explain that another day.

For now, we just begin. As I sit at my desk typing I am gazing at my beautiful new 30" infintity loom from Decor Accents . The quality is amazing, the wood, beautiful. I also have several other styles and brands of looms, but for tonight, it is the center of my world....oh the humanity, so many ideas of what to make.

I will keep you updated on my newest projects. Just keep in mind that all of these designs are of my creation and therefore legally mine. You may use the ideas for your own personal use or charity, however you may not use the ideas to profit. If you have any questions on this regard, please email me . Most of these items are being made to sell. I sell locally and online.

Thanks for stopping by, would love to have you join me often.

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