Saturday, April 05, 2008

Back Again

The last couple of weeks, well week, have been quite eventful. I had to go to San Jose on a business trip and the meetings were awesome. That's the good part. On the way to work the day I was flying out, my truck broke down and had to get towed. $400 later, I have my truck back. When I go on a business trip I try to do a "trip treat" which for me is a pedicure. I went to the mall by my hotel and founf a place to get a pedicure. Awesome pedicaure. It lasted almost an hour and it was only $20. While soaking my feet in the wonderful bubbly water, my phone rang. It was the client I had met with earlier. We did a short meeting post mortum and hung up. I laid the phone in my lap, shifted and ::PLOP:: into the water my phone landed. Ok, broken truck and broken phone, not a good week. The rest of the trip was uneventful, thank goodness.

I was traveling with one of the VPs from my company. Everyone at work knows me as a defintely crazy, workaholic. He was very surprised to see me start knitting on the flight. He thought that was so funny that he took a picture of me knitting, lol. Wonder how long that will take before it is circulated through the office.

Now I have to concentrate on moving. I am moving in with my mom, she has been sick and took quite a fall a couple weeks ago. I ended up taking her to the ER. So my most my stuff will go in storage so I decided to go with renting a PODS unit that I can load here and have them transport to where my mom lives. Then I can keep my stuff stored at my mom's where I can still access it. What a cool idea those are. I had it delivered this morning so Now I am in official moving mode.

So, that is my most recent update. I fly out to Dallas on the 17th of April. What a month. The good new is that my Minneapolis trip got delayed.

Have a great day!!

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