Tuesday, April 18, 2006


H is for Hunting. I have a new focus in life. I am Hunting for a buyer for my House, Hunting for a new job, Hunting for a new House. How's that for H??? My house I am in right now is just way to big for me (all the more room to store yarn in) and it is time to move on. I have 5 bdrms and 3 full bathrooms for 1 person. Overkill? Ya, I think so too. I have also been unmployed for over 2 months now and it is killing me. So, I think I am heading back to Northern California, where I came from 15 years ago. My kids are grown and have families of their own. I need to make a new life for me, where i can be happy. SO I am going back to the hills of Northern California. Me, my cats and dogs and yarn...I mean really, what else do I need? Oh ya, my needles, hooks and looms are going to and a pair of scissors.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I have not been up to par the last few days. I have been sliding head long into a depression so I haven't felt much like knitting lately. I did manage to retrieve my camera back from my son so I can share some pictures. Basically, I am signed up with PROJECT SPECTRUM and APril the color is orange

and you know me and orange. A regular love/hate relationship. Well, I had this beautiful orange yarn that has been mocking me for weeks, begging me to make something with it. So, it was cast on to a pair of size 15 needles and it is becoming a plain ol garter stitch shawl, but a fancy stitch would have detracted from the beauty of the yarn....what do you think?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sock on a Loom

For lack of anything else to show you, I will present you with my first attempt at a sock. I have other projects going, but, once again, my son has confiscated my camera as his own.

I made this sock using the pattern on YARNGEAR. The pattern was very easy to follow and quite simple. The short row shaping

used for the heel can be used for any application that you need to shape something.

The problem I had is the gauge of the loom and the weight of the yarn. Due to the large gauge of the loom the "sock" is more like a slipper. If you were needle knitting, it would be like knitting a pair of socks on size 13 needles, not very delicate and impossible to use a fingering weight yarn on. For socks you really need to have a much smaller stitch. I want to get the EXTRA FINE GAUGE SOCK LOOM at Decor Accents. Isela is a needle knitter as well as loomer, so she understands the relationship of converting needle to loom.

If you have never made a sock on the loom, then I would recommend trying this pattern out as a first. If you have smaller gauge looms, then you can try other patterns on the DECOR ACCENTS free pattern section. I would have to say that Yarngear and Decor Accents are my two favorite references when it comes to loom knitting. The instructions and mini movies on both sites are easy to follow and very helpful.

(Yes, that's my very own fat, hairy leg modeling the sock)

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