Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fall? Already????

What the crap happened to summer? Aside from being the WORST summer of my life, it has sped by. Now, I was just starting to adapt to September and OCtober pounced. I have been working on my new jobe for several weeks now and love it. Because of a family issue, I was not able to take the job at Plentiful Pantry. I am working at Mindshare Technologies and truly love it. Everyday is a challenge to me. I have learned so much in the weeks I have been there.

Ahhhhh, knitting, yarn, needles, looms, hooks........ they have finally found their way back into my bag. Due to winter trying to arrive early, I realized I had every color of scarf in my collection, but no black. Hence, my yarn boxes got opened. It feels good to have the needles back in the hands. It is time to start working on Christmas presents too. I will post pictures as soon as I actually finish something instead of frogging it.

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