Thursday, July 06, 2006

Too much time on my hands

Bedbound + Laptop + Credit Card = Very Bad

Yes, while sitting around in bed with only the computer for outside contacct, I did do a LITTLE bit of shopping, ok, so more than I should have. But hey, alot was good stuff. I bought my scooter and my son's scooter from ads I saw on Craigslist . OOOOh and I bought me a beautiful new loom. An 18" HG adjustable with extra 7-peg end pieces from Markman Farm. Lynn makes such beautiful looms with such amazing wood. This one is oak and I conditioned it with the bee balm sample she sent. You can see what a work of art it is. I know for you non loomers that means nothing, but to the loomers, they know how awesome that is. I immediately put the beauty to work with new yarn (yes, bought online)making a big shopping bag to take to the store and actually USE as a shopping bag.

Now, we won't even go into all the new knitting needles I bought (must convert to bamboo).

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