Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another day goes by.....

I really need to stop with my starting projects and moving on to starting another one. I can't beleive how many I have started in the last week. Its absurd! Last night I started yet another project, this one on the loom. OK, no backlash about the orange, I said I didn't like neon, acrylic orange. This does not fall into that category. In fact, this is so soft I may make it into a afghan instead of a shawl. What do you think. I was thinking cute spring shawl to wear with jeans, but it would be so nice to cuddle up in on the couch too.

On to other things, my sweet, online friend, Jami, sent me a wonderful care packge. I can't wait to try out the fun needles, they are Susan Bates Acrylics. Note, one package of candy was already gone before I took the picture....nummmmmmm. I can't tell you how sweet that was of Jami. I was having a horrible day when the package arrived. Talk about timing. (((((((HUGZ))))))) to Jami.

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