Saturday, March 18, 2006


Fabulously caught up in the ABC along.....I think. Or how about Flute, as in The Magic Flute. I am going to go see it tomorrow. Don't worry, we will get to the letter O and cover Opera :) Or possibly the letter M and Mozart, never can tell. But for now we will stick with Fabulous and Flute for the letter F!


Last night I stayed up WAY too late knitting and ended up starting a poncho for my granddaughter. I was almost finsished, well about 2/3 finished with one of the panels and decided I didn't like it, so I started again. AHHH.. FROG, F is for FROG, I do a lot of it. Not because of mistakes, but changing my mind or not liking a pattern or just because I feel like destorying a couple hours worth of work for the sheer thrill of it LOL. ANyway, the poncho. I will take a picture of the first panel and post tomorrow, actually both panels, the frogged one and the right one, you will see.

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