Friday, February 24, 2006

BEST kind of Mail

This is my latest (and last for awhile) yarn that I received. I feel like a little kid squishing my toes in mud. Ohhhhh, what to make, the possibilities are almost infinitesimal!!!!

And yes, don't adjust the color on your monitor, that is a whole bunch of orange yarn. I love getting new yarn, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to knit it all. I finished my scarf that I showed you earlier. I will take a picture and post it another day. I also made a couple of scrubby dish cloths, not very difficult or clever I know, but fun to make and usable. I used nylon yarn (that is sold for plastic canvas, ewwww) but it makes a nice non abrasive scubby texture. I knit it in a garter stitch combined with a cotton yarn. No need to make it as big as other dish cloths, because you are only using it to scrub. I also belong to an exchange group and one of the exchanges is dish cloths.

I have also started a hat (for an exchange) and picked out yarn for a scarf (also an exchange). I have been diligently practicing my needle knitting. It is getting smoother, and I am sure I will eventually actually feel comfortable with neat stitches. I have the 2 needle bind off down pat (WOO HOO) and casting on (long tail). Also purl and knit but not in the same row. I feel really brain numb that it doesn't work out when I try it in the same row. I know if I screw it up enough times, eventually I will have an epiphany. So, off to knit......... Happy yarning!!!!

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