Sunday, January 29, 2006


OK, so this has been a very frustrating weekend so far. Everytime I try to pick up a project something interupts me. Silly things like my job, grocery shopping, all those petty annoyances that just get in the way of the really important things in life......YARN!!!!! And how to use it!!!!

So, the projects I currently have in the works are:

A long duster jacket, knit in an open mesh knit on an adult hat size knitting llom. I am using Lang "Lara" yarn. 55% Viscose/45% Acrylic. It is a wonderfully light and soft yarn and very easy to work with.

A decorative, warm scarf. Knit as a flat pannel on an oval loom. I am using 2 yarns. A polymide long eylash yarn in varigated brown, green and blue. Also, a caramel wool blend boucle. Both yarns are soft and very easy to work with.

Tube scarf in a wonderful charcoal mohair blend. This one is for my son. It is knit in an modified open mesh pattern.

A winter scarf. Knit as a flat panel on a scarf loom, using one side as a rake. The yarns are a pink angora blend and a acrylic/viscose blend.

I should probably mention that I knit custom scarves and sell for profit. So if it seems that I make alot of scarves, there is a reason. But, it does give me a really great reason to BUY MORE YARN!!!

I will post pictures of my projects as soon as I can retrieve my camera from my son (who thinks its his, oh wait he is a teenager, of course its his).

In the mean time, here is a pic of a finished project!

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