Friday, May 05, 2006

The move has begun!!

I signed the papers for the new place today and took my first carload of things pver. Which means ALL of my yarn and looms are there, so now I can officially call it home. I even unpacked several boxes of the yarn and put into thier containers. It was so nice to see their pretty little selves again. OK, so I needed the boxes too, but it was nice to play with my pretty babies even if was only to put them away. I also took my bathroom stuff like towels, shower curtain etc, so it looks like I live there. In my kitchen I took some canisters and knick knacks. I am so excited. Did I tell you I even have a little yard out my back door that I didn't know about..BONUS! I love to play with my flowers and look at them I will be able to have a pretty little garden out the window of my office. I am off to bed (check the time I posted) and back to packing, moving and garage sale tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CRUNCH Time!!!

Well, I finally did. For years I have been talking about selling my house, but once I decided to really do it, I did it!!! Yes, it is already sold and I am packing to move into my new place within the next 10 days. So it is SERIOUS crunch time. The first thing I packed was all my yarn (except the WIPs) because I can't be distracted. But, it will be the first thing unpacked. I will be so happy to see it I will probably roll naked thru it (I wouldn't really) Here are pictures of it all the boxes (the boxes are 12"x12"x8").

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