Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moving Sucks!

My landlord decided to sell the house that I am lving in. So rather than letting me rent month to month when my lease is up on May 1st, he decided he wants the house to be empty. Now I have to move by May 1st. If that is not bad enough, I have 3 business trips in April, so I am losing 10 days of packing/moving time.

I am going to move in with my mother, temporarily. She had a fall last week and would feel better having someone there. Also, by living there, I can get all my bills paid off and save money to buy a house in a year, in her neighborhood. That way she will have me and my sister close by to help her.

That does not change the fact that moving still sucks. Since I will be moving into 2 rooms, that means I have to put most of my things in storage. I am letting my 2 kids borrow some of the bigger items and I am renting one of those PODS containers to put in my mother's driveway so I will have easy access to my stuff.

This will definitely be an adventure.

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