Friday, March 10, 2006


OK, I am going to attack another poor, defenseless type/color of yarn. Variegated bright/neon/lime green RH acrylic ....BLECH!!! Can you even buy the stuff anymore? Or are there just huge cache's of it that keep somehow surfacing. I have always wondered why it is that some yarns were ever created in the first place. For some reason there is this mindset of "inexpensive has to be ugly". Have you ever noticed that most of the RH super huge skeins of acrylic are horrid colors? OK, I digress. Back to to the variegated that looks and feels like artificial grass. Maybe it was designed by someone who was color blind, or possibly a 3 year old who had just learned the color green.....kind of.

That color of yarn seems to pop up in the most disgusting uses. Not only is the yarn bad, but the things made with it are even worse. I mean, honestly, WHO would display a big, crocheted Scarlet O'Hara-ish dress with a cheap Barbie type body stuffed in it? PA-leeeeeeese. Or how about the ever coveted toilet paper roll just what I have always wanted in MY bathroom. I guess you could use the stuff to make a huge rug to put on the dirt in front of your RV to mimic grass. It is probably pretty indestructible. My bet is that it falls into the cockroach/fireant/fly category of surviving a nuclear attack. Let me know what you think. Although not made in the color in question, these are equally bad.

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