Monday, March 13, 2006

Dum De Dum for D

D....hmmmmm this one has had me stumped. Dumb? Ditzy? Determined? Dreary?

Actually, I have to say it is Digging in the DIrt!! I like to dig in my garden in nice weather. I am one of those gardners who hates to wear gloves too. I like to feel the dirt on my hands. After a good rain is the best time to go putter about. I can't walk by a weed without pulling it when it has rained. ANd no, I don;t have an imaculate yard, I haven't been able to get much done because of kknee problems, but I hope to have that resolved within the next couple years.

You are an Iris:

You are logical, analytical, dignified, and wise. You are studious by nature and may prefer books to people. You tend to be a serious person but are capable of making others laugh with your dry sense of humor. Friends always benefit from your advice.

Symbolism: Over the centuries the iris has come to symbolize faith, wisdom, hope, and promise in love.

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