Friday, March 17, 2006

Sitting and Waiting

I had a Dr's appointment yesterday to get a cortisone shot in my left knee (not as bad as it sounds). Of course that meant I had A LOT of waiting to do. Waiting to get x-rays, waiting to see the Dr, waiting for him to come back in with the big huge needle. So, I got a lot of knitting done. Its funny the responses you get to knitting. Some people just keep giving you the "oh please don't see me looking" glance, others stare openly, but don't ask a thing though you know they want to say something. And then those who are actually friendly. I got all of them yesterday. The friendly one was actually one of the Drs and she wanted to know if it was as relaxing as they say it is. Of course I HAD to tell her how wonderful it was and it is a great way to get your mind off of things and relax, meditate. I was working on more of my squares and I have decided to make a small blanket for my granddaughter with them. The yarn is so soft, perfect to snuggle up with. When I start putting it together I will post some pictures of it.

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