Friday, March 24, 2006

Laid up and busy

I have been laid up for the last couple of days which means lots of knitting and looming. I thought I would share some of the stupid little projects.

At the top of the silly list is.....A kitty ball. A good way to use up scraps of fun fur. I made this on the ITA thumb loom and just inserted a cheap kitty ball into it and gathered both ends. The pink ball is what I inserted.

OK, I jumped on the bandwagon and had to try my hand at the Knitted Kitty Making this out of some Homespun that has been lying around here for years. Time to get it out of my stash.

Next on my list, I started a couple of things on the needles. First is a soft mohair scarf. Yes, I know it is spring, but hey, winter will come again in a few months.

Next, I have always wanted a Ruana, so here is the beginning of one. This is only the "ends" that will have this yarn. I will be using a simpler yarn for the main body of it. Its all squished up on my #13 needles because I only had 10" needles.

OK, on to a loom again. I finally pulled this scarf off the loom. Not out of any driving desire to finish a UFO, but more out of, I needed that loom for something else.

I will continue this tomrrow with the 2 bags. But here is my question.... Are there really people out there who only have one project at a time going? I can't imagine....

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