Sunday, March 19, 2006


Ok, I know I did F yesterday but I am so frustrated today. I was 15" into the second version of the first panel for my granddaughter's poncho and realized I had made it 2" to narrow. On an adult poncho, you could survive without that 2 inches but not on a baby poncho.


Started a THIRD panel (I could have finsihed the dang thing by now). I took my knitting to the opera with me (as I always do) and lost track of what I was doing and missed 1 row....ya, kinda threw the whole pattern off. I didn't notice until several rows later. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Froooooooooog. My 7 month old granddaughter may go to her Senior Prom before I finsish the poncho. I am so mad at myself for all the wasted time. Oh well, practice, practice, practice. I am going now to basically start a 3rd attempt. Wish me luck!

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