Saturday, March 25, 2006

OK Then.......

Well, now I have really done it. I have volunteered to teach/mentor on a new Yahoo Group, LOOM CLASS I think it will be alot of fun and a great way for me to challenge myself. A ton of people have signed up to be students and so far only 5 teachers. I'm sure I can handle it, I have taught so many other things and written trainings. This will just be a new realm. Everyone seems to like my MESH STITCH so I have started taking photos of the process. Crystal used my stitch to make a MESH BAG. I have made a modification of the bag using her "flat bottom" method but using a more solid stitch then changing to the mesh stitch. I'll keep you posted on the progress of this endeavor and of my mesh bags.

And here is the semi finished bags without ends woven in and only 1 handle..

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